National Forum on Precision Medicine

HEAL ITALIA is the first national supply chain dedicated to scientific and technological research and the development of innovations in the Life Science field, with targeted reference to Precision Medicine. Advanced research in the field of diagnostics and innovative therapies, with integrated approaches of translational and precision medicine involving applications in every disciplinary field, is carried out through an investment program financed by the Ministry of University and Research within the PNRR – Mission 4 Component 2 “From research to business”. With a holistic and highly interdisciplinary approach, HEAL ITALIA research avails itself of the collaboration of over 500 researchers from 25 public and private institutions organized in multi-regional and interconnected research groups that operate in eight inter-regional networks (Spokes) covering all areas of interest of the supply chain: omics sciences, digital technologies applied to healthcare data, development of predictive models, early and precision diagnostics, innovative and personalized therapeutic approaches, development of devices, prevention strategies and clinical applications.


  • The PNRR and the fight against the North-South territorial divide in terms of accessibility to cutting-edge research and treatment systems
  • Omic Sciences in Personalized Medicine: how management changes of complex and multifactorial diseases
  • Artificial Intelligence applications for predictive models, early diagnosis and targeted therapies
  • Technologies 5.0 for Digital Health: Synergies and Perspectives
  • Precision Medicine as a new engine for the Pharmaceuticals of the future


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Locandina Forum nazionale sulla Medicina di Precisione
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Programma Forum nazionale sulla Medicina di Precisione