Heal Italia participates with Dr. Ivana Pibiri at the Prescriptomics 2024 Congress

Heal Italia participates with Dr. Ivana Pibiri at the Prescriptomics 2024 Congress. The importance of prescriptomics and precision medicine in the 21st century is highlighted by advances in mass spectrometry, omics technologies and artificial intelligence. Prescriptomics is an emerging field that focuses on the complex interplay between genetics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and epigenetics and their impact on the efficacy, safety, and response to prescription drugs and precision medicine. This approach goes beyond conventional methods, aiming for a transformative paradigm that allows for the precise customization of treatment strategies. This leads to minimized adverse effects and optimized therapeutic outcomes, marking a significant shift towards precise and personalized medicine. The first Caparica International Conference on Prescriptomics and Precision Medicine 2024, scheduled for May 2024 in Caparica, Portugal, will feature leading experts in this field. Plenary speakers include Benedikt Brors of the German Center for Cancer Research, Rong Fan of the Yale School of Medicine, Anil Korkut of the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Forest White of the MIT Center for Precision Cancer Medicine. Keynote speakers such as Nikos Tapinos of Brown University, Russel Rockne of the Beckman Research Institute in City of Hope, Yue Lu of the University of Utah, Albert Grinshpun of the Hebrew University-Hadassah Medical School, Ritambhara Singh also of Brown University, and Alexander Xu of Cedars- Sinai Medical Center will contribute their opinions.


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