Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of a number of members chosen by the Foundation’s Board of Directors from among those, including those external to the Foundation, who possess qualified experience in research and innovation in the Foundation’s sectors of activity. 

The Steering Committee:
(a) carries out consultative and propositional functions in favor of the Board of Directors of the Foundation;
(b) provides opinions and information at the request of the Foundation’s Board of Directors on topics of interest by virtue of the Foundation’s research and innovation activities;
(c) provides support to the Board of Directors of the Foundation in carrying out its management activities of the Foundation.

Massimo Dominici
Cristina Vignoli
Davide Santi
Francesca Spigarelli
Giuseppe Ippolito
Maria Luisa Nolli
Michela Gabaldo
Nicolò Manaresi
Paola Pozzi
Simona Bellagambi