Eight Calls promoted by the Heal Italia Foundation, implementing body of the Health Extended ALliance for Innovative Therapies, Advanced Lab-research, and Integrated Approaches of Precision Medicine (HEAL ITALIA) Project are arriving.

HEAL ITALIA Cascading Calls

The Call, whose publication is scheduled for the first week of December 2023, provides for the selection of project proposals to be financed on the national territory for the strengthening of the Precision Medicine Supply Chain within the “Health Extended ALLiance” Extended Partnership research programme. for Innovative Therapies, Advanced Lab-research, and Integrated Approaches of Precision Medicine” – HEAL ITALIA, using the resources of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) Mission 4 “Education and Research” – Component 2 “From Research to Business ” – Investment 1.3, financed by the European Union – NextGenerationUE – pursuant to the Public Notice of the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) n. 341 of 15.03.2022

Of the overall budget of the Project, an amount equal to €11,470,000.00 will be used in Cascading Calls, with a percentage share of 75% to be allocated to Southern Italy, open to the participation of parties external to the HEAL ITALIA Partnership, who with their own contribution are able to promote an increasingly specialized and integrated system of skills for Precision Medicine.

The manager of the Call is the Spoke Leader, in collaboration with the Hub and therefore, the publication of eight Calls issued by the eight public Spokes is expected.

Specific objectives of the Calls

The HEAL ITALIA program promotes a scheme based on cascade funding to support Proof-of-Concept (PoC) projects with industrial research and experimental development processes involving companies, specialized clinical centers, IRCCS, healthcare companies, organizations research institutions, Foundations, Consortium Companies, SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs and other entities interested in the creation/implementation of valorization and acceleration programs activated by the spokes and managed in collaboration with the HUB.

The objective is to increase the levels of technicological maturity (TRL – Technology Readiness Levels) envisaged by the HEAL ITALIA Programme through the involvment of subjects external to the Extended Partnership, strongly interested in introducing/implementing significant innovations that act as a trailblazer and/or as a tool for accelerating and specializing the activities carried out by the Spokes for the search for technologically advanced solutions, in relation to products, processes, and services transferable to the areas of intervention of the Precision Medicine.

The Call aims to support proposals relating to activities that envisage reaching a level of technological maturity TRL > 3. Support therefore from the early research phases, mainly referring to the development/implementation of technologies with extremely advanced content, including conceptual verification and prototypes for the validation of the technology, demonstration activities for pilot projects and feasibility studies also in order to be able to evaluate high potential activities and support the creation of spin-offs and start-ups.

Main thematic areas covered 

In line with the Mission of the HEAL ITALIA Research Program carried out by Spokes, the publication of eight Calls is expecte to focus on multiple lines – industrial research targets and experimental development for innovative project proposals aimed also through technological transfer at the implementation of technological innovations 4.0 applied to Precision Medicine.

Who can partecipate

Subjects external to the HEAL ITALIA extended partnership identified as: Public Administrations are eligible to present projects for recognition of the contribution envisaged by the Notice; Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), innovative startups; Large companies (GI), foreign companies, national health service bodies, universities and bodies supervised by the MUR, research organizations registered with the ANR, public and private foundations registered with the ANR, consortium companies and consortia international significance.

The application for participation can be submitted either individually or in association (from a minimum of two to a maximum of four subjects). Participation in cascade calls is not permitted for individuals who hold the role of Hub, Spoke or Affiliate of the HEAL ITALIA project within the proposed role.

Each call promoted by the Spoke will be able to finance a number of projects consistent with the allocated budget.

Maximum duration

The duration of implementation of the project cannot exceed 18 months starting from the date of signing of the mandatory contract, following the admission decision. The activities must be completed by September 2025. 

Financial allocation 

The overall financial allocation for the cascade calls promoted by Spoke in collaboration with the Hub is equal to €11.470.000, €8.540.000 are dedicated to the South.

Territorial Area

The projects admitted to the subsidy must be carried out and/or registered in the local unit of the beneficiary and located in the national territory and for the Southern area, i.e. in Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia.

Concessions available

The benefits of the Call are granted in the form of a direct contribution to expenses.

For businesses, the maximum grantable amount of the relief will be calculated on the basis of the size of the business in accordance with European legislation on “State Aid”.